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Why should we care what we spray on our skin?

Limonene, hydroxycitronellal, octinoxate, BHT – what do these chemicals have in common, other than sharing a lot of letters? They’ve all had third party research confirm that they may pose a risk to us either as allergens, endocrine (hormone system) disruptors, or carcinogens (cancer-causing – bad news).

What else do they have in common? They’re all ingredients in a number of high street or luxury perfumes sold on the market today.

Finally, and of most concern – they’re still legal.

What can we do?

The regulatory environment is slowly catching up with the most harmful ingredients, and European regulations are tougher than the United States, but there are still many ingredients where independent research highlights the risk – why should we take the chance with our own bodies?

We have made sure that every ingredient in our perfume is classified as low scoring in terms of risk to your health by a trusted third-party database for cosmetics and perfumes, so you can trust that what you spray is as safe as it can be.

Why not just go all natural?

As we created the Origin fragrance for Medeau, we found that being all natural doesn’t guarantee safety – lavender, for example, is a common allergen. Similarly – a number of musks are derived from animals – we believe in creating 100% vegan scents. 

It's also important to us to make sustainable perfumes: for example, sandalwood is listed by the IUCN as “vulnerable”, so where there are nature identical ingredients available we use them instead of sourcing ingredients that lead to environmental stress, or a higher carbon footprint. It's the same scent, just without the negative environmental impact.

To make our fragrances, we balance safe synthetic ingredients with botanicals to ensure the greatest olfactive diversity with the minimum personal or environmental impact.

Long story short

Across everything, our focus is on using the safest and most luxurious ingredients we can, to create a perfume that makes you feel great, and worry less.